"If you want something new that will absolutely blow you away, look no further than DEAD LABEL. It's impossible to sit still while listening! This is a band that gives you a proper kick in the ass! DEAD LABEL is everything you want in a metal band - heavy, fast, and catchy - wrapped up in a neat, no-gimmicks package. Check these guys out!"
- Gabby Canella, Music Choice

DEAD LABEL - Throne of Bones

Recorded at East/West Studios in Hollywood, CA by Chris Rakestraw (Megadeth, Children of Bodom). "Throne of Bones" firmly establishes DEAD LABEL into new musical territory, while sticking fast to the super-heavy formula that gained the trio so much attention when they first broke out with Sense Of Slaughter. "Solidly resetting the bar for modern generations of metal". "This is the best thing we have put down, I feel like this is really the first Dead Label album" says singer, Dan O'Grady. "Throne of Bones" comes on the heels of Dead Label's 2014 US Summer Tour and recently notable appearance at Bloodstock 2015, while also openers for Gojira and Fear Factory.


DEAD LABEL - Sense of Slaughter

Dead Label's album Sense Of Slaughter redefines the modern thrash metal template, with the single 'Self-Immolation' landing at Number 15 on the CMJ (Metal) Chart and receiving heavy radio and internet exposure in the UK, Europe, Stateside. Dates with heavyweights Machine Head in 2012 had then already established Dead Label's reputation, boosted further by their two crushing performances at the Oktoberfest Festival in Okinawa , Japan. A ferocious blend of old-school influences and modern metal precision sees them take up the challenge set by their countrymen Gama Bomb and English headbangers Evile.


E(V)OLOCITY - Self-Titled

e(v)olocity. The name implies a melding of evolution and velocity; and for good reason. e(v)olocity is a high-impact band that presents a step forward in growth and development of hard rock and alternative music.e(v)olocity is a veritable hydra of musical influences and is the sum of many unique parts culminating. This musically prismatic powerhouse packs a unique sound that will draw comparisons to artists as diverse as Tool, Sevendust and Faith No More. - Mixing by: Toby Wright (Korn, Alice in Chains)


Michael Lee Firkins - Decomposition

Michael Lee Firkins is a guitar virtuoso that not many would want to match licks with. The group that he has put together for this album is certainly a perfect union. Together they have taken some classic pieces, plus one original, and transformed them into new vibrant presentations that are once again timeless masterpieces to be treasured. For the first time on the album one has the chance to examine the lead guitar virtuoso. (Larry Belanger - All Music)